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    SeaGest Intestinal Care

    Your Most Powerful Clinically Proven Digestive Support!

    Suggested Use: 1-3 capsules per day. May take up to 6 capsules per day as needed or as recommended by your health practitioner.

  • Doctor Recommended!
  • Clinically Proven To Support The Structure Of The Intestinal
  • Lining & Intestinal Health!
  • Nearly 100% Absorbable!
  • Addresses A Broad Range Of Digestive & Intestinal Concerns! Far Better Than Ordinary Digestive Aids!

Are Digestive Problems Getting the Best of You?
Heartburn, indigestion and acid stomach. Almost everyone these days has poor digestion. We try to get relief by taking antacids or acid blockers like Zantac and Tagamet. The problem is that antacids only work temporarily and can cause constipation, diarrhea and actually make your digestion worse with chronic use! Did you know that acid blockers like Zantac have caused liver damage, hepatitis and even death in clinical testing?

Most people today don’t assimilate nutrients because their stomach and intestinal walls are irritated and damaged by poor diets, junk foods and stress. Once you stop absorbing nutrients, your whole body begins to break down.

The good news is that there is a digestive aid that is so protein rich, so absorbable and so remarkable that even cancer patients have reported improvement of digestive or immune system problems associated with chemotherapy! This product is so abundant and so available that there is no reason for you to suffer any longer!

Why SeaGest Is No Ordinary Digestive Aid!
SeaGest is an extraordinary nutritional breakthrough for intestinal health made from pure white fish found in the depths of the North Pacific Ocean. To produce SeaGest, a very gentle proprietary process breaks pure ocean fish down into a pre-digested form of protein that is 98% assimiable! That means you get nearly 100% assimilation of all the critical nutrients in SeaGest including:

  • Pure, potent protein for repairing cells and tissue.
  • Powerful Omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular, joint health and anti-aging.
  • Trace minerals for energy, stamina and digestion.
  • Unique peptides for problem digestion and pain relief.
  • SeaGest is clinically proven to promote intestinal health.
  • SeaGest is a unique, pre-digested, whole food supplement that offers benefits you’ve never experienced for your digestive system and overall health!

With SeaGest, you are getting the most readily available and easily absorbed form of protein there is. SeaGest is low in salt, cholesterol and saturated fats. The pre-digested protein in SeaGest is available almost immediately to the body and offers unique, powerful benefits to your intestinal tract and your entire body. And – SeaGest is backed by a 40-year history of safe clinical use!

Studies Show – SeaGest Changes Lives! The power of SeaGest is amazing! Doctors have seen extraordinary improvements in patients using SeaGest. In random, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies performed on patients with Leaky Gut (holes in the intestinal wall) in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the patients were given 3 grams of SeaGest per day. In six weeks, the symptoms disappeared and the bowel was strengthened in every patient by 79%.

In another clinical study, patients diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) were invited to become study participants in a 30/60-day outcome-based clinical study employing questionnaires to evaluate results. The study showed that SeaGest reduced the symptoms of occasional diarrhea and constipation, and alleviated bloating and gas on a dose of 3 grams per day for sixty days.

Other studies performed at Uruguay’s School of Medicine, showed malnourished infants and children received benefits from SeaGest as well. They were fed 1-2 grams of SeaGest orally and through tube feeding. In all of the children, their immune systems were significantly strengthened and improved.

A team of physicians and surgeons working with Dr. Victor Bertullo in Montevideo, Uruguay found SeaGest to be a superior source of protein for a group of malnourished adults between the ages of 30 and 80. After giving the patients SeaGest, they demonstrated healthy blood profiles and improved skin and muscle tone.

In study after study, SeaGest has been proven to be extraordinarily effective in providing powerful nutritional support for the intestinal tract, the immune system and energy and resistance levels.

Doctors Believe In The Healing Peptides In SeaGest
"The SeaGest formula helps to repair an inefficient bowel and squeeze more benefit out of your food, supplements and vitamins. You have a choice! Take SeaGestTM now to repair your bowel and get all the use you can out of the good things you take – or pay your doctor to try to fix things later!" Jeff Marrongelle, D.C., C.C.N., a certified clinical nutritionist, and co-author of the Stress-Less Eating Plan.

SeaGest Gives Renewed Life and Energy to Champion Triathlete!
The story of champion triathlete JulieAnne White is a true testimony to the power of SeaGest. There is no question that strength and performance is critical for a triathlete like JulieAnne. The year she expected to win the Hawaiian Ironman was greatly anticipated. However, after crossing the finish line, JulieAnne suffered a stroke of the colon, collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room. On the verge of death, surgery was performed to remove half of her large intestine, and save her life!

After the surgery, JulieAnne suffered inflammation, food sensitivities, scar tissue and a reduced ability to absorb the nutrients she needed for even normal performance. Her immune system weakened and her strength was all but gone. When JulieAnne’s nutritionist suggested she try the SeaGest formula, it was a turning point in her life.

"The results have been phenomenal! My strength returned and my health is exceptional. I returned to running competitively and have not looked back since. I now train and compete with the same success I enjoyed before my surgery. The SeaGest formula enables me to enjoy a wonderful, healthy life once again. SeaGest allowed me to return to competition!" -JulieAnne White

Canadian Ironman Champion, 1990
Ironman Series World Champion, 1992
New Zealand Ironman Champion, 1993

Also, Canadian and British record holder for the Ironman distance, and Hawaiian Ironman top 10 performer all time.

Remember that a healthy, properly functioning intestinal system supports good health throughout your entire body. You must have a healthy digestive system in order to absorb proteins and nutrients for energy, to eliminate toxins, and to heal, build and repair damaged and aging cells and tissues. You have no reason not to give your body the best you can give with 98% absorbable, protein-packed, ultra nutritious SeaGest!
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