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MSN Plus Glucosamine 600mg MSM,
      500mg Glucosamine 90 cap - Retail $19.95
       Our price $14.70

Chito Sense 500mg 180 cap
      Our Price $16.70

       (Retail $21.95)

ImmunoSense 90 caps
      Our Price $14.70
(Retail $19.95)

Glucosamine ES 750mg 60 cap
      Our Price $11.70
(Retail $14.95)

Glucosamine Plus Chondroitin (HCL)
      500/400mg 90 cap
      Our Price $23.70
  (Retail $34.95)

ImmunoSenseTM delivers a high concentration of immunoglobulins, immunoregulators, and growth factors that are consistent and non-allergenic. ImmunoSenseTM is a natural formula designed to deliver the most concentrated and consistent immunoglobulin supplementation available. The high levels of immunoproteins present in ImmunoSenseTM help to support immune system defense, maintain gastrointestinal health and optimize nutrient absorption.

  • Helps Regulate and Support the Immune System.
  • Provides a Supplemental Source of Immunoglobulins.
  • Supports Normal Nutrient Absorption.
  • Helps Maintain Intestinal Balance and Health.
  • Totally Non-Dairy, Free of Allergens.
  • Supplements Natural Growth Factors Which Enhance: Tissue Repair, Wound Healing, Lean Muscle Mass, and Normal Bone Growth.

ImmunoSenseTM is not colostrum, it's better!

ImmunoSense is formulated with ImmunoLin-HDTM - the most concentrated form of natural immunoglobulins, immunoregulators, transferrin, and growth factors. Derived from USDA inspected, growth hormone free bovine serum, ImmunoLin-HDTM contains 40% immuno-globulin G (IgG) - 2.5 times more IgG than colostrum. IgG is the key component that helps maintain healthy immune system function. ImmunoLin-HDTM is manufactured in an FDA-monitored, GMP facility.

The recommended daily dosage of ImmunoSenseTM delivers 1,000 mg of IgG compared to only 350-550 mg IgG found in most colostrum products. ImmunoSense delivers the most concentrated and consistent immune system support available. ImmunoSenseTM is completely non-dairy (no milk fat, lactose or dairy allergens) and free of rBST.

Why Supplement with ImmunoSenseTM?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that worldwide antibiotic resistance is wide spread and growing due to continued overuse and misuse of antibiotics. A US hospital reported that 20% of the patients admitted are resistant to antibiotics. In response to this growing, life threatening problem, the Center for Disease control in Atlanta has announced that it will begin a vigorous campaign to significantly decrease the overall use of antibiotics.

Just as poor nutrition results in poor health and can reduce life expectancy, antibiotic resistant pathogens pose even a greater threat. When conventional medications begin to fail, we all need to rely more and more on our own body's ability to defend itself. Our first line of defense in this battle is our immune system. If we can supplement naturally occurring antibodies and immunoglobulins, we can provide a direct mechanism to help regulate and support the natural immune system and maintain gastrointestinal health.
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