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Esterola-C Plus
Esterola-C Plus Tablets, Chewable
By American Health

Esterola-C Plus

Esterola-C Plus 60 chewables
Retail $9.99    Our price $6.90
Esterola-C Plus 120 chewables
Retail $14.99   Our price $12.70
Ester-E 400 I.U. 30 s/gel
Retail: 11.99    Our price $8.70
Ester-E 400 I.U. 400 s/gel
Retail $22.49 Our price $14.70

Natural citrus punch flavor.

One tablet contains 250 mg. vitamin C (as Ester-C), 18 mg. buckwheat seed, 5 mg. acerola, 5 mg. citrus bioflavonoid, 2 mg. hesperidin complex, 1 mg. rutin. Other ingredients: fructose, dextrose, vegetable stearic acid, malic acid, natural flavors, silica, hydroxypropyl cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate.

Acerola is a fruit native to the West Indies and Central America and found in greatest supply in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. Acerola is the world’s richest source of vitamin C and is high in the vitamin C synergist– bioflavonoids– as well! Combining the natural synergistic base of buckwheat, raspberries, black currants, rose hips and other high Vitamin C high bioflavonoid ingredients, American Health pioneered the chewable vitamin C product concept with this superb line of Acerola products. Chewable Vitamin C 500 mg is an orange flavored chewable for those individuals who prefer the taste of orange to the taste of acerola. Vitamin C is the world’s most popular chewable vitamin. Chewables are faster acting than regular tablets, and offer greater convenience than powder or liquid forms.

Esterola–C PLUS is a deliciously perfected formula that creates a whole new category of premium Vitamin C products. We’ve combined the natural, juicy goodness of the Acerola berry with the potent power of Ester C to create a brand-new, one–of–a–kind Vitamin C formula that delivers the optimum in both taste and performance. A super immune system booster* that packs a delicious citrus punch flavor. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ester-E 400 I.U.

Ester–E gives you advanced protection from a vitamin E. Why is natural Ester–E different from ordinary vitamin E? Most vitamin E is synthetic, recognized by the FDA and USP to be far less potent in the body than natural vitamin E. Ester-E’s biopotency is twice that of synthetic vitamin E, and the patented Ester–E process protects its potency until your body is ready to use it. The patent-protected process that creates Ester–E joins naturally occurring d–alpha tocopherol to a phosphate molecule. The antioxidant potential of vitamin E is protected during absorption, transport and storage in the body. This helps to ensure that vitamin E is efficiently absorbed and that its nutritional benefits are delivered when your body needs them. Preliminary studies indicate that body-ready Ester–E may be a well-absorbed form of vitamin E. Though all forms of vitamin E support cardiovascular function, additional in vitro studies suggest a mechanism of action of Ester–E distinct from its antioxidant properties that shows promising results. These studies will be followed up with additional, in-depth clinical investigations.

Description: Ester–E is a body-ready vitamin E formed when natural d-alpha tocopherol is joined to a phosphate molecule during a patented, water based process. American Health’s Ester-E is a body-ready vitamin-E.

Recommended Use: For adults, take one (1) softgel once a day with a meal.

Ingredients: Vitamin E (as ester-E d-alpha tocopherol phosphate) 400 I.U. (1,333% DV)

Manufacturer: American Health
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